Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Etsy happiness

I have been as busy as a Christmas Elf adding more Goodies to the Retro Ranch!
Who could have imagined there is such an event as a Sneak Attack, where an organized group of experienced Etsy Members, discover new shops then surprise them by planning a target time to shop in their shop!
I went from 1 sale to 14 sales in a blink of an eye!
Now I’m scurrying around like a frantic Elf while my Printer's big machine is down,(Nooooooo!)
and-I managed to send of my watermarked proofs to Costco( a 2 hour journey) to discover my big bumble.
E G A D S !

Of course this coincided with 2 important medical appointments that required an entire day to
travel to
go through
travel home.
Its either Feast or Famine in my quiet desert life

Is life that way for you?
Does everything happen at once?
Do you ever wish you could spread it around more evenly like your favorite peanut butter
on your favorite bread
so you could savor
every single

1 comment:

Heather said...

Sorry we made your life so complicated. But, ah, yummmmm, peanut butter sounds good right now....